The Rowson Family Tree and Notes

To assist in finding your way through the family tree tables the following skeleton plan is useful:-


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The direct line of the Rowson Family from the present day on Tab 320 is via Tab 220, Tab 150 and Tab 110 to c. 1725 on Tab 100 and c. 1530 on Tab Speculation.

Tab 350 and Tab 360 show the Bembridge and Tuxworth trees in abridged form. Tab 370 Marris shows the Marris tree,


My father (Prof J M Rowson) knew the name of his mother Elizabeth Emily Rowson [ nee Driver] born 10 Apr 1878 he thought in Peterborough and he gave me details of her father and mother and sisters. His father Thomas Rowson was born 25 Apr 1875 at Kelstern. Thomas served his apprenticeship as a blacksmith in Binbrooke, then worked for a time at Dogdyke near Boston, before working for Amos Hodgson in Louth. They married 10 Sept 1900 in Boston Primitive Methodist Chapel and the marriage certificate lists Thomas as a journeyman blacksmith and his father as farm labourer. Elizabeth Emily died 03 Jan 1936 in Louth and Thomas died 27 Dec 1943 also in Louth and we have these death certificates.


The next thing was to look in the 1881 census for Kelstern and there we found Thomas listed as aged 5 born Kelstern along with his parents John & Sarah Rowson [nee Marris] and his siblings Maria, Elizabeth and William. Kelstern Parish registers and IGI plus their marriage certificate gave all the details listed in Table 230 and the notes for that table as did the 1841, 1851 and 1871 censuses. There was no record of John in the 1861 census but he was possibly working away from Kelstern at that time and I have not tried to trace where he was then. The 1851 and 1841 censuses list John's parents as Thomas and Elizabeth Rowson. Thomas born in Burwell and Elizabeth born in Goulsby {sic} probably Goulceby.


Thomas and Elizabeth Rowson. gave us some problem in tracking as noted in the Family notes for Table 150 since both the parish records and the Bishop's Transcripts for the year of his birth 1806 are missing but the date fits for all the other children that Thomas and Sarah Rouson had in Burwell and then in Castle Carlton during that period as listed in Table 110.


Thomas and Sarah Rouson take us back to Burwell Bishop's Transcripts and this is where it becomes a bit more they are incomplete. Searching them from 1650 we found that 1702 was missing then
19 Jan 1711 Joanah Rawson buried;
1713 missing; as was 1721, 1729, 1732, 1734, 1735, 1748, 1749 then
25 March 1751 Elizabeth Rowson a child buried
24 July 1757 Elizabeth Rowson wife of John Rowson buried
1758, 1759, 1762, 1767, 1768, 1771 missing then
20 Dec 1778 Thomas son of John and Mary Rouson baptised
4 Aug 1779 Ann dau of John and Mary Rouson buried
1781 missing
1 Sept 1782 Elizabeth dau of John and Mary Rouson baptised
1784, 1786 missing and nothing until
10 Sept 1802 John son of Thos and Sarah Rowson bapt.
11 Oct 1803 Wm son of Thos and Sarah Rowson bapt
1806 missing then
22 Oct 1807 John Rowson aged 82 buried
13 March 1808 Robert son of Thos and Sarah Rowson bapt
1822 missing and nothing else to 1825


Now 1808 Robert we can fit into Table 110 as also 1802 John and 1803 William. Our conclusions are shown on Table 100 that the John who died in 1807 aged 82 and was therefore born ~1725 was the father of 1778 Thomas and of 1782 Elizabeth. We think he married Elizabeth Swinn in Louth in 1749 and their first child Ann was baptised there in 1749 and it was she who died in Burwell in 1779. We suspect their second child was Elizabeth who died in 1751 and his wife Elizabeth died in 1757. Since the transcripts are continuous between these two dates there were no further children. This leaves the gap from 1757 to 1778 - 21 years is a long break with no entries in the transcript. even allowing for 6 missing years of records. A search of IGI looking for John's having children in this gap turned up a John and Mary having children in Leake and the Bishop's Transcripts confirmed John Rowson (widower) married Mary Hildred (spinster) on 2 June 1759 and their children as given in table 100. Thus John left Burwell after July 1757 with his daughter Ann aged 8 and before June 1759. Lived in Leake with his second wife Mary before moving back to Burwell between Oct 1774 and Dec 1778. This is partly supported by an Alice Rowson marrying John Hatchcliffe in Mucton which is the next parish to Burwell in 1790 which is probably Alice born 1764 in Leake getting married aged 26.

The next problem is to find the birth of John about 1725. Possible candidates can be seen in Table Speculation.



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