Also known as Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH), Liquid X, Liquid E, Liquid Ecstasy, Easy Lay, G, Vita-G,G-juice, Georgia Home Boy, Great Hormones, Somatomax, Bedtime Scoop, Soap, Gook, Gamma 10 and Energy Drink.

GHB is a powerful, synthetic depressant and comes most commonly as a clear, colourless and odourless liquid though it can be produced as a clear crystalline powder.

It is sold by capfuls, teaspoons, drops or "swigs"



These can be felt within fifteen minutes and include dizziness, nausea, vomiting, confusion, seizures, respiratory depression intense drowsiness, unconsciousness and coma.

When GHB is ingested with alcohol the consequences may be life threatening. The purity, concentration and potency varies widely between batches and there is a very narrow margin between the dose that will induce intoxication and the amount that will cause severe effects.

A further danger is that a potential victim can be unknowingly drugged as the clear liquid can easily be added to a drink. Although GBH is colourless and odourless, the spiked drink may be recognised by its slightly salty taste. However this may be masked by mixing it with a sweet drink.



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